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ESMV Creative Arts Agency is the home of

Creativity & Entertainment. ESMV is a one

stop shop for all, we not only develop and

brand talent and creative businesses.

We also offer casting services, production,

and project management for theater and

film production, and all projects, publications

and or entertainment driven events. 

Our services are offered to all companies,

organizations and or celebrities looking

for talent, event coordination, make-up

artist, designers, seat fillers or etc.


ESMV is here for ALL...


We believe in putting people with people,

creating a foundation for ideals and 

dreams to thrive...


To see our specific services please click our

services page under our about us tab.



Aisha Ervin is the CEO and Founder of ESMV, E-Line Magazine and Cater 2 U Men's Spa. Aisha Ervin is not just the Boss she is the example of a self-made entrepunuer creating her legacy one day at a time through old fashion HW&H Hard Work & Hustle. Building her companies so she can go to the next level. Aisha has written and produced several productions. Currently she is the Creative Director of the Sandi Collins Show the Executive Producer for Coffee with Crissy and He Say She Said. The Creator and Founder of FAME Expo, most importantly a Wife and Mother. Aisha  got her start as a childhood Actress and Model and due to her hard times as a teen, Aisha is an advocate for young at-risk teens. Serving as a BA, and a RAC for the  National Guard Youth Challenge Program.  Aisha is working very hard to bring more creative outlets to the youth. Her love for film, music, fashion, and creating as well as helping other entrepreneurs reach their goals is unprecedent. Aisha is a self starter who believes everything is creative and everyone needs entertainment and she is just the right person to give it to them!

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